( Health Guarantee )

Our Great Danes are in good condition, health, sound temperment, and free of communicalable diseases at the time of sale. Our Great Danes are given vaccines appropiate for the age and are de-wormed, determined by the seller. Buyer has 3 days from purchase and/or delivery dateto have the puppy examined by a Licensed Veterinarian ( Buyer will pay all veterinarian fees ). A copy of the veterinarian report must be scanned and emailed to jakepro1@hotmail.com within 3 days of visit. If the Great Dane puppy is deemed to have a life threatening congenitial illness, the Buyer, with Veterinarian Certificate documentation of condition, may return the great dane to the seller for a Full Refund of price of great dane puppy (not including fees, veterinary bills, transportation cost,ect.) or for a replacement great dane of equal value. Failure to have great dane puppy examined within the above time limit and/or a copy of the veterinarian report sent to jakepro1@hotmail.com within above time frame will nullify our Health warranty. European lineage and stress (i.e. from shipment) may result in Haw Eyes, Entropion, Cherry Eye and Third Eyelid Eversion which WILL be covered by our warranty/gaurantee, if diagnosed within  the 3 day termed mentioned above following the same rules as per mentioned at a cost not to exceed up to $250.00 or the amount decided by seller.

This guarantee is for original buyers Only and cannot be transfeered to secondary parties. And, is good for the lenth of time stated as per above.